About this blog (and me!)

I decided to start this blog because I was utterly overwhelmed by the strangeness of ghostwriting fiction.

About Me

My name is Matt and I am a 24 year old writer who lives in Georgia. I have a BA in creative writing and am halfway through my MA in Literature. I am currently ghostwriting a series of adventure novels. (Hence this blog.) I have also ghostwritten a number of short stories and other shorter projects.  I am passionate about Stephen King, Charles Dickens, and my beagle. My favorite book is David Copperfield. 

My published short fiction can be found here and here. An example of my academic writing can be found here.

Thanks for following! Feel free to ask me anything in the comments or on Twitter @shutupcabbage. Happy writing.


2 thoughts on “About this blog (and me!)

  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for following my blog! I’m curious to find out more about ghostwriting so I’ll be checking out your blog. Normally I’d start peppering you with questions but I think I’ll just read the blog to find out more. Thanks and good luck!



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