I haven’t posted in so long, and I feel tremendously guilty. This blog is supposed to be about my ghostwriting, and I was so busy ghostwriting that I didn’t update it. So there’s update #1. I’ve been hard at work. I’ve got 50,000 words of the sequel I’m writing and it’s time to wrap things up.

A friend of mine asked me this morning if it was easier to write the first half of the book or the second. That’s an easy question. I told him as much. It’s the first half. I spend the first 30,000 words of these novels throwing as many balls as I can into the air. The second half I have to find a way to catch them all, and that is the distinctly more difficult task, but it’s also more rewarding. It feels really good to successfully wrap up a story line, or to bring back something that seemed insignificant as an important plot point.

Essentially, finishing a novel is difficult but also the best part of the process. The ending of a book is crucial. If your reader is unhappy with the ending, he/she will likely write off the whole book and probably won’t pick up the next one in the series. This is just a reality.

My personal reading preferences are different. I happen to think it’s more about the ride than the destination, which is why you won’t see me criticize Stephen King much on this blog. King’s biggest detractors invariably bring up his occasionally lackluster endings. Why don’t you try and end a 1,200 page book about a clown/spirit/thing that eats children? When I’m disappointed in the ending of a book, I make sure to remember the parts of the journey that I liked best. When it comes down to it, I like to take the book in as a whole and try not to let any part of it stand on its own. I don’t think it’s fair.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @shutupcabbage. As always, happy writing.


2 thoughts on “Endings

  1. Starting a story is definitely easier. I too through too many balls in the air without learning to properly juggle, but since I don’t let anyone see my more serious works (although I’m debating posting a horror-ish short story I’ve been really, really working on) I only fail in front of myself. So glad you’re back!

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