I love this community.

Honestly. I’ve never been so amazed by an online community. I’ve only been on WordPress for a week and I already feel like I’ve found a home.

Before I started ghostwriting I never felt like I had something genuinely worth blogging about, and yet I find myself wishing I’d come here sooner, as if even my boring life would have been welcomed as a friend. Everyone I’ve interacted with here has been thoughtful and intelligent. That is a rare and beautiful thing.

I will be back to blogging about writing and my experience writing the sequel I’m currently working on tomorrow, but right now I just want to say thank you. Not just to those of you who follow my blog, but to all of you out there on WordPress, supporting one another in the blogosphere.

As always, feel free to ask me anything in the comments or on Twitter @shutupcabbage. Happy writing, friends.


2 thoughts on “I love this community.

  1. Agreed! I have only been blogging for a bit over a month and I love it – Twitter was driving me balmy with word count issues – and I needed a place to meander and write short and long, with words or no words and WordPress has created such a place. People in this place, this space have been very supportive and I feel my confidence growing. I am still struggling with the confidence of writing as if my view is ‘fact’ as you suggest elsewhere … is this a confidence thing or just me wanting to explore lotsa points of view? Never wanting to close down an option?

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    1. The way I see it, writing as if your point of view is fact is more of a strategy than a reality. Ernest Hemingway was really obsessed with the idea of fiction being “true” and I think the only way to accomplish truthfulness in writing is to write with this confidence.


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